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Today’s ad platforms such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook allow for us to have the control necessary to get our ads in front of the most qualified perspective clients. Our Team has years of experience managing Ads in the US and Canada, and are ready to help leverage our knowledge to create the best return for your investment. We also make sure to keep you aware of performance with simplified reporting and monthly meetings.

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Something that makes Digital Drive Marketing stand out in the industry compared to other digital marketing firms, is that we will never keep your accounts from you. Whether you bring us an existing account or ask us to create a new one for you, all the work goes with you if you choose to leave.

It’s Your Account,
You Own It

Real People That Understand Your Business

We have real people that you can speak to, and get clear communication in regards to the strategies being applied to your account. No generalized program or automated bidding. That means you can reach out to your account managers at any time and discuss the status or your account. Get customized account preferences based on the exact needs of your business.


Simplified reporting sent to you on a monthly basis. Our account managers will send you automated reports of account performance, and be available to discuss them at a time that works for you.


It is in both our best interests to use install tracking codes free of charge. By linking tools you will be able to see what keywords and campaigns are converting, and we will be able to better optimize your account, making you a happier client!